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PathStone Capital is a full service commercial mortgage banker. We are a direct commercial real estate funding source. Our capital partners rely on us to take each transaction from preliminary underwriting through closing. Our expertise provides our clients with seamless execution and a positive experience.

Our 30 plus years of real estate and business finance experience enables us to help our clients successfully complete their financing regardless of size or complexity.

Not only is PathStone Capital able to fund through our own capital we have several other option available through our direct relationships with over fifty proven funding sources from commercial banks, life Insurance companies, credit unions and private capital sources.

PathStone Capital
is owned by experienced mortgage bankers and entrepreneurs and we look at every deal on a case by case basis, no cookie cutter underwriting. We are one of the most aggressive lenders in what is considered to be a very conservative marketplace. 

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PathStone Capital
$3,250,000 Loan on 50-Unit Apartment Complex
 For Foreign Borrower

Obstacles to close included language barrier with Vietnamese borrower and structuring full recourse “bad boy” carve outs on a non-resident borrower to satisfy loan investors.

PathStone Capital, a full-service commercial real estate finance company, is proud to announce that it has closed a commercial real estate mortgage for a 50-unit apartment complex in Desert Springs, CA.
PathStone Capital arranged the loan through Liberty SBF and secured the $3.25 MM CMBS loan for a borrower whose circumstances needed a little more attention to detail than usual.

The high net worth borrower is an experienced real estate investor from Vietnam. PathStone Capital was able to successfully navigate a language barrier and structure a transaction for a non US resident that would enforce full-recourse “bad boy” carve outs - acceptable to both rating agencies and B-piece investors.

Alex Cohen, CEO of Liberty SBF, said that the deal was complex and presented some challenges but PathStone Capital and his company was able to bridge the gap.

“This deal highlights one of the main strengths we bring to the table at PathStone Capital and our proven lending relationships, said Dan Vecchies, CEO of PathStone Capital. “We are able to take a complex deal and structure the mortgage so that everyone is comfortable by the time we get to closing. In this case we created a special reserve for 'bad boy’ carve-outs that were acceptable to both a savvy real estate investor and the secondary market participants in a cross-border deal.”